Chad’s Story

skydive fistChad loves adventure. From skydiving to rock climbing, facing challenges and obstacles is his game. And his passion is to use his love for adventure to help those who face challenges much more difficult than these. He is inspired to bring smiles to children battling cancer. And there is a very good reason why.

On August 23, 2010, Chad and his wife, Melissa, received the devastating news from the oncologist at Texas Children’s Hospital, “I’m sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Barrett. Your daughter has cancer.”

Kristina was 8-years-old when diagnosed with Clear Cell Sarcoma–a soft-tissue cancer that strikes a very small percentage of people in the world, mostly adults. There is no known treatment for Clear Cell. After 5 unsuccessful rounds of chemotherapy, Kristina underwent surgery to remove the main tumor that had wrapped itself around the bone in her upper right (dominant) arm. The surgeon removed the bone and replaced it with a metal implant. This limited Kristina’s range of motion in that arm. There were several small tumors that had already spread to her lungs which made her prognosis “very poor.”Kristina

But that didn’t stop Kristina from living life to the fullest. As she endured clinical trials,
she participated in her neighborhood swim team and won a few races while swimming with one arm. She climbed Enchanted Rock in Texas with her family and went through the caves with her Dad. She was in a VeggieTales video for her Make-a-Wish® trip. She was the voice for a girl pea in The League of Incredible Vegetables. And she inspired thousands with her love for God, love for her family, and love of life.

Kristina passed away in her home with her family surrounding her on June 21, 2014. Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation found out about the Barrett’s journey through Skydive Spaceland Houston’s Jump for Kristina Benefit. CCRF’s Helping Hands Fund helped the Barretts with medical bills. Now Chad speaks at various venues promoting CCRF and the inspiration of Kristina and her faith in God that made her strong.

Chad CCRF picChad is a pastor in Houston, TX, a public speaker, and published author. You can connect with him at his blog, Facebook, and Twitter.